Joaquín Jalvo Mínguez Publications

Technical notes for Local Goverments 1984. IEAL. Madrid.

"Práctias de la Reparcelación"-Urban redistribution systems. 1987-2016 IEAL. Madrid.

Couses of urban design law for Administration Officials. 1991. COAM. Madrid.

Urban Design manual. 2001. INAP. Madrid

Deputy Director urban design magazine "Ciudad y Territorio". 1984-1991.

Member for the Editorial Board of the magazine "Práctica Urbanística". Grupo La Ley. 2001 - 2016.

Joaquín Jalvo Olmedillas Publications

Local Madrid newspapers and magazines for the Valdebebas competition, Madrid.2010

Publications by "La Junta de compensación de Valdebebas" , Madrid.2011

Future Magazine 2011 y 2012 of seeveral projects.2011

A+U final master thesis, México.2011

Several publications -digital magazine accésit. 2011

Exposition "best final thesis" COAM-Madrid. 2012

Future Magazine - masters final thesis . 2012

Future Magazine - masters final thesis . 2016